ATYD Music Monday Performance

ATYD’s performance for Music Mondays. Presented by the City of Hamilton in partnership with The Hamilton Music Advisory team.


Directed By: Isabelle Ciobanu & Sabrina Aly.

Partly Stabilized Partly Curious Listening Party

Partly Stabilized Partly Curious

Partly Stabilized Partly Curious official album cover. Designed by Sam Letnik


You Lyrics


You (2020)

Do Not Pass Poster 4

Sketch for poster 4 by Mo

Do Not Pass Poster 3

Do Not Pass Poster 2

Do Not Pass Poster 1

Shaolin Underground Balmoral Concert

Balmoral (2018)




WHATS UP GANG. if you’re reading this, the website is working. We at ATYD are currently working very hard to get this fucking website up and running. All love tho. Its hard work that pays off. Blood and tears. im so fucking gassed I know how to post on this website now. more content coming soon. <3 love 

– Paulo 

Casablanca (2017)