atyd Jam Sessions

On February 19, 2022 The ATYD team and a bunch of our friends and family got together at the Leon’s residence and just vibe’d out.

This video is a result of that amazing experience. Hope you enjoy.

Shout out to The Empties.

Shot by Whak&Mo and Valence Ojogwu

Edited by Whak&Mo

Sousbas Clubhouse

These past 3 months we had a lifetime opportunity to be a member of the Sousbas clubhouse. We want to thank everyone who came out and supported our events. Our hearts are filled with immense pride and joy for all who created those moments with us, thank you for being you and having incredibly good taste 🤩.

Our linear note to Sous Bas:


From 2017 – 2022 our city (Hamilton, ON) had a space that was pure, sexy, FUN, groovy and filled with soul. Sous Bas created a community of fellow dancers and party goers that shifted the culture of the Hammer. It was led by a tour de force team of aces who (with the freshest fits) always created a safe space for the people. Rooted in a ‘no-hateration’ mentality, these legends always held the vibes down with the sweetest swagger and kindness. Cheers to the powerhouse team who founded the blissful space, your creativity and vision has touched and influenced us all deeply. We look forward to your new beginnings in the next chapter of Sous Bas. Our memories there will forever be cherished! 🥺🥰

Much Love and HUGE thanks,

The ATYD Team.



mo from the rockband whakandmo here!
this is subnet. i’ve been making these for about 4 years now. this is the 4th version. subnet is a compilation of songs i’ve found or rediscovered and been listening to in the year of the last two numbers attached to the word “subnet”. this is for 2020. i make it a point to dedicate each subnet to a kind soul i was fortunate enough to meet that year and this one is dedicated to emma. s/o whak, malaz and the whole atyd team, thank you for always supporting the vision. hope you enjoy 🙂

ATYD Music Monday Performance

ATYD’s performance for Music Mondays. Presented by the City of Hamilton in partnership with The Hamilton Music Advisory team.


Directed By: Isabelle Ciobanu & Sabrina Aly.


Making of Partly Stabilized Partly Curious.

Jimothy’s Pain

Directed By: Isabelle Ciobanu & Sabrina Aly.

Partly Stabilized Partly Curious Listening Party

Partly Stabilized Partly Curious

Partly Stabilized Partly Curious official album cover. Designed by Sam Letnik

PSPC 004

PSPC 003

PSPC 002

PSPC 001




You (2020)

Second Thoughts

Do Not Pass Poster 4

Do Not Pass Poster 3

Do Not Pass Poster 2

Do Not Pass Poster 1

Shaolin Underground Balmoral Concert

Balmoral (2018)




WHATS UP GANG. if you’re reading this, the website is working. We at ATYD are currently working very hard to get this fucking website up and running. All love tho. Its hard work that pays off. Blood and tears. im so fucking gassed I know how to post on this website now. more content coming soon. <3 love 

– Paulo 

Adelaide Hall 2018

Casablanca (2017)